Unlock your true financial power

At Wollit, we’re on a mission to help people unlock their true financial power and get access to the credit they deserve.

We’re supported by world-class investors and one of the world’s largest banks. Since launching we’ve supported thousands of people to build a brighter financial future.

Our Story

People deserve better

Hardworking people can still endure a lifetime of financial struggles and a financial system that is stacked against them. We believe everyone deserves financial wellbeing and we're here to use the power of technology and creative thinking to make that happen.


To unlock financial health for
everyday working people

We're here to provide accessible, affordable and high-impact financial products which help people reduce their money stress and sustainably improve their financial health.

Wollit Today

The best value credit builder in the UK

Wollit helps everyday people build credit, grow savings and access affordable credit through a single mobile application.

Our Team

Meet the makers of Wollit

We’re a young, ambitious team who are passionate about technology and designing creative solutions for difficult problems.

Join us to unlock financial health across the UK

For people living with financial insecurity, the world can feel small, harsh and unforgiving. We created Wollit as an antidote to common money problems. Our goal is to help people achieve the level of financial health they need to reach their potential and live their best life.

Liad Shababo
CEO, Wollit

Developing technology that makes a real difference

Finance for millions of people in the UK today is confusing, inaccessible and stressful. But it does not have to be. At Wollit we use exciting new technology and data sources to help redefine people's relationship with money. Join us on the journey!

Toby de Havilland
CTO, Wollit