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People who use Wollit, love it

Fantastic service. My credit score has gone up after a few months, service has been fantastic, can't recommend enough!

Daniel Worthington
Trustpilot, May 2021

Really impressed. I haven’t got the best credit score but it’s gone up 100 points in a week and was able to get an advance when I needed it! Thanks Wollit :)

AppStore, October 2021

Excellent product and service. My credit building has really helped, and the customer service was excellent!

Alex Huntley
Trustpilot, May 2021

Great Service, fast and efficient. Everything is clean and straightforward.

Trustpilot, November 2021

Smooth experience simple and easy to use app highly recommend.

Nathan Thomas
Trustpilot, October 2021

Very efficient and easy to navigate. Very good app to use.

Trustpilot, September 2021

Have questions?

How does Wollit credit building work?

Our credit building membership is structured as a 12-month installment loan credit agreement. This allows us to report membership payments to the credit agencies as installment loan repayments.

Since loan repayments make up a significant part of your credit score this can be a very effective way of building your credit history and improving your credit score.

How quickly will my credit score increase?

Some members see an impact after only a few weeks. If, as well as using Wollit, you’re consistently following financial best practices - such as paying your bills and expenses on time - you should start to see an impact within a few months.

Is my credit score guaranteed to increase?

Because there are many factors that affect your credit score, we can't guarantee your score will increase. However, using Wollit consistently over time will build your payment history, which is the single largest factor impacting your credit score.

Do I need to pass a credit check?

No. You don't need to pass a credit check to use Wollit Credit Building

Can anyone build credit with Wollit?

Whilst Wollit Credit Builder is available to all, like any credit product, a credit score building product like Wollit's comes with risk, and may not be the best fit for you.

If you do not pay your Wollit membership fees on time or repay any credit we extend to you on time, Wollit may harm rather than build your credit score.

Furthermore, there are circumstances where using Wollit may improve your score, but may still not deliver the results you are looking for.

This is because many lenders may not extend credit to you on the basis of you having negative markers on your credit file, despite you now building a positive payment history. These negative markers can include:

An active or recent CCJ
Being on an IVA or debt management programme
Going through a bankruptcy
Being late or missing repayments on other credit accounts

If any of the above apply to you, please consider carefully whether Wollit Credit Building is right for you.

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